Why LiquidEdge?

With the proliferation of smart technology and social networking, your customers expect constant, free access to quality Wi-Fi. Providing this service makes life easier for your business and your customers, but it can be costly to install, and maintain.

The LiquidEdge smart solution enables your business to use your Wi-Fi as an incredibly versatile tool to drive revenue, boost business, deliver personalised and engaging user experiences, and even gather real-time network and customer specific data.

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Network Management. Customer Engagement.

Create Networks

Easy guest Wi-Fi network set up and configuration, allowing you to set Wi-Fi signal strength and internet speed.

Wi-Fi Analytics

Capture footfall, conversion and bounce rates, dwell times, return visits and frequency with our Wi-Fi analytics.

Website Blocking

List any inappropriate or competitor sites you want to block using our convenient website blocking system.

Social Engagement

Tailor your splash (login) pages with specific branding. Login using social media or email and completely control the next page after login.

Wi-Fi Marketing

Tools available to run campaigns to actively promote your business. See results of campaigns with our real-time analytics and reports.

Location Based Services

Through our geo-targeting you have the ability to target customers due to geo locations or venues.

Who is this for?

Small Businesses

  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, businesses with public reception areas
  • Typically have 1-4 Wi-Fi access points

Medium Businesses

  • Retail chains, hotels, museums, shopping centres, sports and leisure centres, libraries
  • Multiple Wi-Fi access points for greater user experience and engagement

Large Businesses

  • Larger hotel chains, airports, transport providers, conference and entertainment facilities, sports stadiums, arenas.

Our Plans

Looking for a solution that efficiently monetises your Wi-Fi to help boost your business? The LiquidEdge platform is an all in one service, offering packages to suit businesses of all types. Select one that works best for you.

  • SingleZone for small businesses
  • MultiZone for medium businesses
  • MultiZone Plus (MegaZone?) for large businesses
SingleZone MultiZone MultiZone Plus
Single WIFI Campaign
Customisation of Splash Page
Email + Social Login
Social Analytics
WIFI Analytics
Multiple WIFI Campaigns -
Ad based, Paid and Video Login -
Location Based Services -
URL Redirects -
Deep Campaign Analytics -
Website Blocking - -
Optimise Mobile Apps - -
Twilio / Mailchimp - -
Mobile App Integration - -
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Features and Benefits

Monetise your WiFi to boost your global market reaching people on social media and capture data to allow you to know your fans precisely, a must for any marketer!

For Venues
  • New source of revenue for venues
  • More ways to engage with more sponsors and fans
  • Offering fans personalised and exclusive offers
  • Monetising WiFi solutions
  • Optimising WiFi to suit its use in Large Public Venues (LPVs)
  • Integrates into existing WiFi solutions
  • No WiFi? No Problem – our WiFi expert partner delivers high density WiFi solutions to venues across UK and Ireland
  • Valuable insights into attendees at venues and events
For Sponsors
  • New levels of targeted advertising right to your next customer
  • Engage with unique content only available on venue WiFi
  • Get valuable insights into who attends venues and what they want
  • Full control over your engagement with fans across venues and across events
  • Easy to use campaign management for advertising exclusively at events
  • Reserve WiFi capacity to ensure your app stays connected long after the final whistle

Integrate with Wi-Fi Vendors

LiquidEdge enjoys a competitive advantage due to our ability to integrate with top Wi-Fi equipment vendors such as Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus, Xirrus, Unifi and many other..

Our solution offers low cost integration, enabling non-technical users to set up and configure their public or private Wi-Fi business networks without having to involve IT resources.

In addition our support team are available for assistance ensuring the one-time installation process is quick and easy!

About Us

LiquidEdge originated in the TSSG, an internationally recognised research centre with over 15 years’ experience in network and service management. The team at LiquidEdge have lead relevant research projects in collaboration with market leaders such as Cisco, IBM, Intel and Ericsson among others.
Cinque Terre
Dr. Steven Davy
Steven has expertise in the automation of complex communications networks and has over 50 peer-reviewed publications in the field. Steven has strong specialist skills in areas of Virtual infrastructure, Cloud Computing and has recently led the Programmable & Autonomous Systems Unit in TSSG, managing research projects for Cisco, IBM, Intel, Ericsson.

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